Angel Hack (Haibun de la Serna #4)

January 12, 2012

Angel Hack by Paul Nelson 3

Angel Hack

Never forget that it was an angel that invented swords.
Ramón Gomez de la Serna

Never forget it is the oldest Bodhisattva carries one aflame in his right hand carve a slice off duality. Never forget a sword’s a scalpel can hack at nafsu, that which fosters soul erasure, hack at the snag stifles your hike up Entrance Mountain, hack to clear a path as King Solomon might machete as mere threat to find a way into co-mercy. Nature sometimes needs a knife now & again, give gristle to the dog, liberate axis & om-fire or simply to slice up the mango. You might like guayaba pastelitos. You might be sickened by what antepasados are urging you to cut just this side of Obstruction or may be Frank Morgan alto-honking the daylight out of front row yuppies in full babble, George Cables right behind him as he was with Art Pepper on the prison tune, The Trip. Why did they chop off the missionaries heads the child asked, but they were no mere visitors, only the first line of colonialists whose angels have no swords whose single god has a beard and vendetta, whose trick is stealing fire, whose exceptional American time is running out.

Rocket’s red glare.
Colors don’t run but burn
sliced by Manjushri’s flaming saber.

8:34A – 11.29.10
Doe Bay

(Nafsu: The Indonesian dictionary definition of this
very common word is “natural appetite or desire”.)


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