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So, I found my pocket journal that went from October 13, 2011 to January 17, 2012. It was a scary moment when I couldn’t find it for various reasons. I do not want to think about how a lost journal would have imperiled the early harvest of American Sentences. (Not sure what American Sentences are? Look here.) But I DID find it and here are a few American Sentences to whet yr appetite, but all the best from 2012 are here, except for the really nasty ones I’d read only at a Dark Coast Press event should they ever ask me back.

1.13.12 – Useless! Useless! – flossing in the mid-day, eating popcorn at night.
1.15.12 – “I’m open-minded but I get nervous when Christians get out guitars.
1.16.12 – Fat-ass snowman @ 31st & McClellan just waiting for rain.
1.20.12 – How different the seagull looks flying above Friday snow.
1.25.12 – May not be much of a January sun but it’s aimed right at me.
1.28.12 – In the dream dancing to Eton Rifles, then vacuuming sawdust.


& I am having an unofficial contest. Whoever writes the best American Sentence and posts it below in the comments section by the end of February, I’ll buy you a matcha, or the drink of your choice, at Healeo at 15th & Madison.

A bonus muffin if you can riff off of Allen G or Jack K as I did above. Do you know which one?

Good luck.