Volunteer Poetry Teachers Needed for the King County Jail

May 30, 2012

This from Michael Hood:


The Programs Department at King County Jail is looking for 2 committed volunteers of either gender to teach a weekly creative writing class for men. This is one of the fastest-growing, most stigmatized, yet under-served groups in our society. Working with inmates is also one of the most fulfilling. Despite the fact that education and writing skills are so critical, the Programs Department has been gutted in recent years- a few years ago, they closed down the library, and fired the librarian. There are no computers for inmates- hell, we scramble for dictionaries and thesauri. We’re also looking for means to get books, computers and other supplies. If you are a writer that can teach, a teacher that can write, or you think you can help this very needful calling, please contact Michael Hood at 206.789.1670 or Michael@peachfish.net.


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