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So here is my state: I wanted to harvest my latest American Sentences (April 29 – July 5, 2012) about two weeks ago and could not, for the life of me, find my old pocket journal. ARGH! I had this feeling that it was somewhere and it would turn up, but it was a little bit frustrating. Then Mer and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary and I dressed in my cream-colored linen shirt, had my Panama Hat on and put on some sharp green slacks. But Mr. Fatso’s bulging gut popped the waist button before we headed out for an evening of Wild Ginger and the Pinter Fest at ACT Theater. My next choice, the black slacks and VOILA, the pocket journal was sneakily hiding in a back pocket.

Daughter #1’s Drink

So on this day, our annual dinner with the Dietzes, it is proper that I unveil my latest sentences, as Ruby Dietz will surely inquire as to whether I am keeping up my habit. Yes.

As always I am erring on the side of including so-so Sentences, as they often serve as memory devices for me and what you may think so-so may have special meaning for me. Bee propolis is something I get at Tenzing Momo, a place I show EVERY person whenever I give a tour of the legendary Pike Place Market. And here are only a few of the new ones, so you’ll hafta click on the link to see the rest. Comments always welcome. And news on a book of American Sentences is coming soon, I promise.

4.29.12 – My head feels like a bear split it w/ his claw & shit in it.

4.30.12 – Pavlov’s cat – no dinner bell, clang of raw egg on cast iron skillet.

5.6.12 – Pop talking about Santiago’s screwball: I guess it just didn’t screw!

5.20.12 – Translating Deviled Eggs into Spanish harder than “Huevos de Lucifer.”

5.29.12 – That half red solo cup he put in his busted tail light is yellow now.

5.31.12 – Not unlike a fart he rolls down car window to let out bad music.

6.11.12 – One daughter drinks formula, one root beer floats w/ whipped cream-flavored vodka.

6.12.12 – 99 southbound approaching Comstock behind downtown – the mountain.

6.19.12 – He returns to the “Holistic Health” emporium – he forgot something.

6.22.12 – Dressing for “summer” day two: jacket, yes; hat, yes; sandals, yes; socks, no.

6.27.12 – The next guy who asks: “Are you the Grandfather? – gets a cane in the shin.

6.29.12 – Look Ma, no hands! he texts on his cellphone while riding his bicycle.

7.5.12 – Chew on Tenzing Momo bee propolis watch the changing of the buskers.