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Vodou Visions (Sallie Ann Glassman)

In an interview recorded on June 12, 2000, Sallie Ann Glassman, a Manbo, or Vodou Priestess and author of: Vodou Visions: An Encounter with Divine Mystery, discussed Vodou, its history as a religion created by African slaves, its power,  common … Continue reading

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Give Wanda Coleman some Breathing Room

In an interview I recorded on November 26, 2000, poet, essayist, activist, literary presence Wanda Coleman talked about the treatment of artists in USAmerica. She lamented the kinds of things poets have to do to make ends meet, activities often … Continue reading

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PageBoy Magazine Release Party 12.1.12 7P Kaleidoscope Vision

Every since being introduced to Ted Berrigan’s “The Sonnets” years and years ago, I was fascinated by the combination of a casual feel combined with a process that, in part, was influenced by Alfred North Whitehead. I LOVED lines like: … Continue reading

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