Dementia Blog – Susan Schultz

January 23, 2013

Susan Schultz

Susan Schultz is a poet, critic, publisher and Professor of English at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Her focus is modern and contemporary poetry, American literature, and creative writing. She has lived in Hawaii since 1990.

Author of four collections of poems, a critical book, A Poetics of Impasse in Modern and Contemporary American Poetry and founder/publisher of Tinfish Press, a paper, e-journal and publisher of experimental poetry from the Pacific region. Her latest book is Dementia Blog. Her interview with Paul Nelson was recorded February 26, 2011 in Seattle.


  1. ngir

    Thanks Paul – such a useful ‘share’ – my mother had Alzheimer’s –
    and I’m beginning to wonder what my increasing, though still nowhere near dominant, forgetfulness is coming from – argh!
    Susan is so right about the loss of the previously ‘present’ person, and the grieving for someone who is and isn’t ‘gone’

  2. kjm

    Enjoyed this interview. Especially found the connection to the two types of dementia fascinating. Timely topic for us and for so many others. Thanks.


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