American Sentences May & June 2014

June 23, 2014

OK OK, here is my latest harvest of American Sentences. They are taken from the middle of March to today and though the time that my Father died in Chicago.  Click here for the essay about the poetic form, if you are unfamiliar and for some details on my practice. Comments welcome.

3.27.14 – The former Vietnam sniper’s not interested in Trigger Warnings.

4.3.14 – Nothing says Seattle like a cross-dressing bank robber shot by cops.

4.6.14 – Search for weeks for landslide victims only to find and re-bury them.

4.8.14 – Took my smart phone in my dumb car to photograph dumb guys tip smart cars.

4.9.14 – Poor Christians who teach Easter eggs are “playing with Lucifer’s testicles.”

Pop Circa 1961

Pop Circa 1961

4.28.14 – I call Ma to tell Pop to hang up, our cellphone connection was lost.

5.2.14 – Once eliminated from the beer slam, Dan puts on his socks & shoes.

5.3.14 – Collis at Cascadia: “Capitalism is a doomsday device.”

5.8.14 – A sense of accomplishment passing the vehicle emissions test.

5.11.14 – Just to take the shine off Ma one last time, my Dad dies on Mother’s day.

5.11.14 – Billboard in Idaho on I-90: “Jesus, the call that never drops.”

5.27.14 – Thunderstorm’s advance force liberates innumerable maple seeds.

5.27.14 – In the time it takes Ma to get a card I get cider, saké, cigars.

6.6.14 – Andrew as a boy asked Ma: “Are you growing a mustache under your arm?”

6.9.14 – Today Ella and I saved 50 mulberries from certain sidewalk death.

6.9.14 – At open mic both slam poets read poems about fear of silence.

6.12.14 – Soon as Greg Bem’s back from Cambodia, fill him full of meat and cheese.

6.13.14 – How romantic – 2AM raindrops fall onto salal while she snores.

6.16.14 – Dad in a dream not answering questions about how fast he ever drove.

6.17.14 – “Your Father dead less than 49 days… he’s got a beam on the next womb.” (Dharma Mitra)

6.18.14 – The guy who wrote Song for My Father dies 5 weeks after my Father.

6.20.14 – Ella does not need to hit a double before she dances on 2nd base.

6.23.14 – No Honey, I’m not using some sort of genital pancake shampoo.


  1. ray nessly

    A wonderful batch of sentences. Funny, profound, touching. Will share freely.

  2. seingraham

    These are wonderful Paul…ironic, poignant, so funny. I was going to pick favourites…no can do.


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