A Time Before Slaughter

October 28, 2014


Some Slaughter news. You may be aware that my publisher, Apprentice House, is the only student-run college press in the U.S. There are now four different classes students at Loyola of Maryland can take to learn about the rapidly-changing publishing world. Today they sent this to me:

We have launched a new website built to sell books! This is a great option, as sales through our site will yield much higher royalties than through 3rd-party resellers (because we’ve eliminated the wholesaler/reseller). We are working hard to get every book up on the site in the coming week. 

We ask that you please a send a note to your network (social/family/friends/colleagues) noting the book is for sale for 20% off through Dec. 1 to celebrate our new site @www.apprenticehouse.com. Use discount code AH20 at checkout to receive the discount.

So, if you’ve not read A Time Before Slaughter, please consider buying a copy at a discount today.

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  1. thekevinfamily

    Hi Paul – I used to work as an editor in science, health, safety for Scott, Foresman & Co. You might have heard of them as they published the Dick and Jane reading series many years ago. When they hired me, 1972, the company was still family owned. By the time I left, 1985, SF had been bought, sold, and bartered to death. It had become a cash cow. Even the media giant whose name I’ve forgotten, but who is from Australia. Even he owned it for awhile. Sad.



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