After The Japanese 17-20

January 13, 2015
Obstruction Pass State Park

Obstruction Pass State Park

This latest installment of After The Japanese, poems written after the classic Japanese poetry anthology, is below. These poems were written in Winter/Spring 2014 and I am beginning to think lichen might be my power animal. OK, either that or the red-tailed hawk. And have you ever visited Obstruction Pass State Park? 80 acres, but a very good example of what Cascadia is, salt water, a pebble beach, peeling madrones, stunning serenity.

ATJ 17-20

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  1. David McCloskey

    Alright–that’s the spirit! esp. 17 &18–“gods before & after…” &
    “holy secrets…confide to those who we’d bow to/ as if they didn’t already know.”

    The powerful presences who preside over the place, and give us
    the spirit of their song… as if we knew how to sing it back and over all….


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