The Cold Moon (A Greg Bem Production)

November 28, 2017

Greg Bem has a knack for creating events that while poetry based, transcend literary art. His own performances have always been closer to the “happenings” of performance art and Fluxus. Here is his description of an event he graciously invited me to participate in:

An outdoor reading under the last full moon of this Gregorian calendar year.
A space that’s dark and far removed from most of Seattle’s gaze.
A sequence of readings and rituals.
Freely accessible with no fear of the weather.
See you at Pritchard Island Beach from 7-9pm on Sunday, 12/3/17.
After-party experience to follow in Hillman City.

Fortunately I have been interested in the moon’s annual transit through the sky and what each moon means to that time of the year. I guess being a Harvest Moon baby might have something to do with that but at press time I’m planning to read some moon poems. I am delighted with the company I’ll be keeping Sunday night and it will be my first reading in Rainier Beach since Bhakti and I moved here from Columbia City on July 20. We hope to see you.


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