Paul @ 60 (You Are Invited)

September 6, 2021

It was 30 years ago when I was rather new at creating public affairs radio interviews, at age 29, when I had Dr. Bill Mitchell on the program discussing How To Live to 120:

Bill made it to 60 and I miss him, but his influence on my life continues to this day. And on September 22, 2021, I turn 60 and I’d like to celebrate with you if you’re still talking to me. HA! The party place we picked is tiny but HAS SAKÉ, which is critical:

Please be vaccinated if you plan to attend and if you can’t come in person, Greg Bem is helping me stream the reading part, which should start around 6:30 PDT. Yes, I am launching the second edition of American Sentences, as I continue to write these 17 syllable poems daily, despite much advice to the contrary.

No gifts please, but buy a book or become a Founding Supporter ($100 minimum donation) of the former SPLAB, the new Cascadia Poetics LAB.


  1. Denny

    Happy Birthday youngster
    My brother tells me the Babylonians had a base sixty number system
    I’m not sure how that works though
    Maybe cause 60 is divisible by a lot of numbers
    Many combos!
    Go Paul!

  2. Lisa Fusch Krause

    Sorry I missed this — I didn’t see the event listing until too late. I’m sure you were great, Paul, as always, and I hope to hear you in person sometime soon. Please keep me in the loop.

  3. anngrahamwalker

    Sorry too that I missed the Live Stream. I didn’t catch on to that in time. May 60 be a perfect number for you!


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