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I have been asked many times: “Do you have a podcast?” Now, I can say “yes.” Via the non-profit I founded in 1993, now known as the Cascadia Poetics LAB, we have launched Cascadian Prophets.

Cascadian Prophets features poets, culture workers, indigenous leaders & people making a difference in the bioregion known as Cascadia, the area from Cape Mendocino, California, to Mt. Logan, Alaska. Audio from the rich CPL archive is sometimes featured.

We have been working hard on the re-branding of the organization with the help of many talented people, including Roberta Hoffman, web designer extraordinaire, and an interview I did with Robert Lashley in late July is now online:

Robert’s new book is Green River Valley and it is published by Blue Cactus Press in Tacoma.

Robert is one of the kindest, most aware poets I know and has been through hell and turned it into poetry for you with respect for poetry traditions and his elders who shaped him and kept him alive. And just the other day I had a chance to take him to Renton and pay our respects to the man who reinvented electric guitar, Jimi Hendrix.

So, enjoy the podcast and my chat with Robert and buy his book.