The Mud Proposal

Thanks to Aryanil Mukherjee and Pat Clifford, I am delighted to have work in the latest Mud Proposal. Aryanil is responsible for the Bengali poetry journal Kaurab and curates the Mud Proposal, named after a line from John Ashbery: “I shall never want or need any other literature than this poetry of mud” (Crazy Weather/Houseboat Days).

From the website:

The MUD Proposal  began in 2013 as a journal-cum-repository of new poetry by innovative authors who welcome diverse knowledges into their writing practice.  The editors of this journal feel strongly that more time should be spent seeking rather than defending and that not enough can be done to muddy the waters.  Those ripples have always been the breeding zone of relevant and necessary expression.

Any metamorphosis initiates at an epithelial level. It begins by rupturing the skin. The boundary. The veneer of separation that stands against epitaxies that in the pretense of feeling and mapping cultures actually prevents transfusion. The purpose of The MUD Proposal is to excite and showcase projects – literary and cross-media – that serve to hasten the transfiguration of one discipline, motive, tradition, medium, procedure and cultural practice into others through free-associations and meditated exchanges.

I am delighted that they have taken a huge hunk of the Pig War: & Other Songs of Cascadia manuscript. This book extends the serial-poem-in-experimental lyric that I started in the book A Time Before Slaughter. That book came out in 2010 and for the tenth anniversary edition, Apprentice House press will be adding the new manuscript to the book for launch in April. Saturday, April 11, I am set for a reading at Open Books and there will be other readings to come.

The hunk they took was all of the Neukom Vivarium Variations and part of Yard Work. Check it out:

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Three Memorials for Judith Roche

Judith Roche

On December 24, 2019, the Seattle Times published its obituary for Judith Roche. An excerpt:

“My basic thing is that poetry is approaching the holy and it’s a translation of the sacred and it says the unsayable,” said Roche in a 2015 interview. “It’s an impossible task you take on saying the unsayable. To approach those feelings of sacred and try to bring them into language, but that’s the project of poetry.”

There are three events dedicated to honor the memory of this legendary Cascadian poet, teacher and literary arts organizer.

1) Sunday, January 5, 2020, at Jack Straw Cultural Center, 4261 Roosevelt Way N.E., Seattle, at 1 p.m. All are welcome to attend the event at which local writers will share memories of Jud, as some will read poems written by, or inspired by her.

2) Sunday, February 23, 2020, at the Richard Hugo House, 1634 11th Ave.
Seattle, at 3 p.m. (Judith left her personal library to Hugo House.)

3) Monday, March 30, 2020, at the Wedgwood Alehouse, 8515 35th Ave NE
Seattle, at 8pm, as part of the Easyspeak Seattle open mic series. The signup to read poems, or short prose, starts at 7:30pm. That Judith co-found the legendary Red Sky Poetry Theater makes this event especially appropriate.

See also:


No Map, No Jud (For Judith Roche)

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PoPo Interviews

I am looking to interview at least ten postcard participants in the next few weeks to create some videos for a new PoPo website that will replace the current page on my cluttered personal site. Interviews will be (mostly) uniform, with standard questions and conducted via Zoom and will focus on the fest experience as described by participants. If you are interviewed, you consent for the interview, or a portion of it to be online. Interviews will last about 30 minutes. Please sign up in the comment section. As interview slots are filled, I will note them as filled on this page. All times PST. Thanks for your interest in the August POetry POstcard Fest. Paul

Sunday, November 30, 12N – Ina Roy-Faderman
Wednesday, December 4, 1pm – Amy Miller.
Thursday, December 5, 11am – Mark Johnson.
Thursday, December 5, 12N – Julie Naslund.
Friday, December 6, 11am – Joe Cottonwood.
Friday, December 6, 12N – Daniel Smith.
Friday, December 6, 1pm – Joanne Durham.
Friday, December 6, 2pm – Stanley DelGozo.
Saturday, December 7, 1:30pm – Tim Mateer.
Saturday, December 7, 3:30pm – Laura Peña.
Saturday, December 7, 4pm – T. Clear.
Saturday, December 7, 5pm – Linda Crosfield.
Wednesday, December 11, 11am – Linda M. Robertson.
Thursday, December 12, 4:30pm – Gabriel Cleveland.
Friday, December 13, 2019, 11am – Karen Bossche.
Saturday, December 14, 10am – Judy Jensen.

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