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August Poetry Postcard Fest

The final list is out and 302 poets have joined us for the August Poetry Postcard fest this year. There are poets from Alabama, Alaska, Alberta, Arizona, Australia, British Columbia, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, France, Georgia, Germany, Hawaii, Illinois, India, … Continue reading

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American Sentences-June, July

I told this story on Facebook last week: After a ride on the 358, I get where John Burgess is coming from with his Aurora bus updates. I sat down in the back row next to this guy who started talking at … Continue reading

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Tin Umbrella Suggests Hillman City’s Coming Up

Mer and I moved from Columbia City to Hillman City in October 2011. The neighborhood just south of Columbia City, it’s still more diverse than Columbia City and (as of this writing) has none of the huge, ugly condo projects … Continue reading

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