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We’re starting a crowd-sourcing campaign!

The 2nd Cascadia Poetry Festival at Seattle U and Spring Street Center May 1-4, 2014, is the biggest project my non-profit corporation has attempted in 20 years. Thanks to Sharon Cumberland and the Creative Writing Department at Seattle U, the SPLAB Board, my wife Meredith and a bevy of committed volunteers, we’re handling last minute details and hoping we can sell 200 more Gold Passes, good for every event happening at Cascadia.* There are 20 poets coming from BC in what may be the largest bioregional gathering of Cascadia poets in history. Register your Small Press and get four Gold Passes. Read your work at the open Living Room. See legendary poets, some approaching their 80s! Glean something from their decades of experience as poets!

But we live in a culture that tends to make decisions about things in the last 48 hours and, you can imagine, that’s nerve-wracking for organizers. SO, we’re starting a crowd-sourcing campaign and have two AMAZING premiums I want to mention here.

Sakura in Burlington

Sakura in Burlington

1) Sushi dinner at Sakura in Burlington, WA, with Sam Hamill, me, you and two of your friends. This is listed at $500, but the value of the evening is much greater. The sushi at Sakura is world class, one of those great surprises Sam loves to spring on people. Sushi? In Burlington?!? Yes. And Mu sake. Lots of it. And an evening to pick the brain of one of Cascadia’s brightest, most committed and legendary poets.

2) Tea and or Bourbon with Red Pine and an overnight stay in his cottage. Arrive mid-day, have afternoon tea, explore Port Townsend for dinner, and come back to learn about his love for bourbon, samples included. The legendary translator of Chinese poetry and Buddhist texts will talk about bourbon, Buddhism and the Borg. (If you like.) This is good for two people, there are TWO such packages and the donation is $250.

All money goes to pay the poets. If 1 out of every two people on this list buys a gold pass, we’ll be sold out. Please consider. Here’s the promotional video:

*Some venues are limited capacity and 1st come 1st served.