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Ferguson, Race, Privilege and Life in a Police State

Was inspired by seeing Jarret Middleton’s thoughts about the lack of charges brought against Darren Wilson, the officer in Ferguson, Missouri, who fatally shot Michael Brown, a young black man whose crime was shoplifting. His thoughts came out to nearly … Continue reading

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501. Hawthorne Presence

WooHoo! The last 2014 August Poetry Postcard! (See all here.) And with only 221 days until the next call goes out. Hawthorn Presence uses an image I took on my cellphone of the house Denise Levertov lived in, images of my … Continue reading

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Cover Poem Writing Exercise (Rewrite, New Arrangement)

Often times I’ll see a poem, or in the case below, one is sent to me, and feel that it needs updating, or could stand to be altered to fit the conditions of my particular place and time while yet … Continue reading

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