After The Japanese 80-82

July 28, 2015
Zappa's Grave

Zappa’s Grave

More “alternate takes” in this series which I have been serializing here and which is over 18 months old. More poems about Zappa, my late cat and my reaction. You can’t see the “Z” anymore but you get the idea in the photo to the left. I think about the guy who said: “He was only a cat” and am thinking of how there is either a sense that we are connected to all living things or there are levels of anthropocentrism, as in the case of the Minnesota dentist/big game hunter who is now a target.

ATJ 80-82

Or as Krishnamurti said:

When You Call Yourself Krishnamurti


  1. Daniel L. Smith

    Paul, these are the best. Really love the detailed mindful attention to your beloved cat. Sorry for your loss. I gained another dumped on my road kittie last month, who is recovering well. Perhaps karma? It’s definitely a west coast cat.

  2. Splabman

    Thanks Daniel. My cat was not hip to the idea of moving to Illinois from Seattle, so I get what you say about West Coast cats. Zappa dying prepared me for my Dad’s death 6 weeks later and I somehow knew that. Those poems, Father Death poems, to be posted within a week or so. Thanks for reading and taking time to comment.


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