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My huge appreciation goes out to Andrew Hall, SICA-International, my Subud Sisters and Brothers and a few fans who came to my March 5, 2021 Zoomuse reading. I have found that I feel more at ease reading to Subud folks and thus, more open and attuned to the needs of the moment. I felt guided in the creation of a “set-list” the night before even though I was doing it with a little Mu saké in me!

March 5, 2021, reading for Zoomuse (Subud International Cultural Association)

Andrew did an especially good job with the introduction, showing his skills as a journalist. The same ones displayed when he interviewed me a week prior as a promotional effort. See:

I am grateful to Jason Wirth for the mala necklace and to the fiber artist in Puebla, Mexico who made the vest I was wearing, purchased during my time at the transformative 2014 Subud Congreso Mundial. I was also happy to test run some of the poems from my latest series, FLEXIBLE MIND, which owe their existence to Michael McClure and his ongoing influence on my life and work. Thank you Michael and Rest In Power.