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I’m delighted to be reading for Raul Sanchez Monday night at HeartSpace in Lake City. I’ve known Raul from the local poetry community going back almost 30 years. (1994, at Auburn’s Best Café was the place we met, before the Auburn Spokenword Lab was created.) HeartSpace sounds like an amazing project. I’m planning to read from the Day Song I wrote September 1st.

Poetry Reading, Monday, October 17, 2022 – 7pm, HeartSpace, 12700 Lake City Way NE


Tuesday night it’s: War, Peace & Resistance in Poetry and Song
Date: Tuesday, October 18th
Time: 6:30-8:30 PM
Location: HUB (on UW Campus) Room 145

Veterans For Peace is completely grateful for your presence at what I believe will be a very entertaining, educational and meaningful event placing modern expressions on historical events that are worth remembering. The exhibit itself will run from the 28th of this month til the 28th of October and will be mounted in the Library in Red Square UW. You may want to come early and catch a view to give you a greater understanding of the evening’s theme. If you need any more information, call Percy Hilo at: 206-784-0378

& there was a humbling response to the first in a series of Poetics as Cosmology workshops I was awarded a 4Culture grant to facilitate in West Seattle and Des Moines:

New testimonials:

Oct 7, 2022

You did it again! Such erudition and systematic knowledge of your field. You opened my eyes on Charles Olson’s “open field of energy”  and miraculously related it to the philosophical work of Alfred North Whitehead. Such knowledge is not easy to come by.

You also did a fabulous exercise on the generation of poems that knocks out the ever-babbling conscious mind. Poetry comes from a deeper place. Thanks, Paul, for making our day brighter at the Alaska House and the gift of poetry! Can’t wait until the next session!

— Koon Woon

I am still feeling the pleasure and joy from attending Paul’s workshop in Poetics as Cosmology.  He created the conditions for support, safety and community among the participants, provided context and inspiration for the poetry we would write, and then provided an exercise for communal writing that was playful, helpful in moving through stuckness, and fresh and surprising in its results. As a new writer, I felt at ease and supported by the process. Thank you Paul.

— Best Wishes,  Virginia Johnson

Oct 8, 2022

Paul gives a great gift to the community to share his vast store of knowledge and experience about the making of the modern poetic landscape and ways to explore the terrain. From Ezra Pound, Charles Olsen, Black Mountain and beyond to some of the many poets Nelson has interviewed in person over the course of the years including icons like Allen Ginsberg and Michael McClure, Paul guides on a journey of encounter with the contemporary thinking behind poetry as cosmology. Paul Nelson’s workshops are a worthwhile and enjoyable way to enrich one’s experience of and appreciation for that to which we affix the name poetry.

— Denny Stern