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Postcard Feedback

I know what you are thinking. Don’t put any more energy into things like this, but my strong sense of justice is begging me to respond. So, after changing another dirty diaper from my 3 year old and reading her … Continue reading

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Susan McCaslin on Robin Blaser

Susan McCaslin has a wonderful piece that was posted yesterday to the Cascadia Poetry Fest blog: Trailblazing with Blaser by Susan McCaslin (pdf) From the moment I heard Robin Blaser lecture in my first graduate course at Simon Fraser University, … Continue reading

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After The Japanese 80-82

More “alternate takes” in this series which I have been serializing here and which is over 18 months old. More poems about Zappa, my late cat and my reaction. You can’t see the “Z” anymore but you get the idea … Continue reading

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