528. Prayers & Street Chorizo

Yes, demons were a sub-theme of my work in the 2015 August Poetry Postcard Fest. More demons, another memory of the 2014 Subud World Congress in Puebla, Mexico, and an illusion to los feos americanos.

493. Rose Petals & Chicharrónes

The latest postcard poem from the 2014 August Poetry Postcard Fest. August 19, 2014, Seattle, WA “Holiness does not dissolve, it is a presence / of bronze.” – Denise Levertov The Cholula sacramental marching band scatters rose petals in a trail...

490. Bronzing Mexican Air

Another 2014 August Poetry Postcard Poem written in Puebla, Mexico, when I was attending the 14th Subud World Congress. Again a reference to Pablo Vargas Lugo and the exhibit at Museo Amparo.

483. Iniciador

My poems written in Mexico in August are starting to arrive at their intended destinations and so I continue with the posting here. The last few lines from this poem are taken almost verbatim from a sign at Casa Azul, the home of Frida Kahlo, to which I made a...

Subud LGBTQ Youth Movement

One of the most memorable events at the recent 14th Subud World Congress in Puebla, Mexico, was a meeting centered around the acceptance (or lack of it) in the Subud community. Keep in mind our next to last outgoing Subud USA Chair was a lesbian and by all accounts, a...