Top Ten Posts of 2013

December 26, 2013
2013 August Poetry Postcard Wordle

2013 August Poetry Postcard Wordle

This is a traditionally a week of looking back at the previous year and rather than present those posts from 2013 I wrote that I liked the best, I am letting my web stats program Jetpack have its say. I am not counting hits from pages like American Sentences and Organic Poetry, which are not posts, but get a lot of visits during the year. Here then are the top ten posts on this blog from 2013 in case you may have missed something. As always, comments are welcome:

10. Interview with Thomas Walton, Editor/Publisher and Sierra Nelson, a contributor to Seattle’s Pageboy Magazine.

9. Background on the August Poetry Postcard Fest.

8. The report of El Habib Louai’s visit to Seattle in August. (See also #6.)

7. The Seattle edition of this quickly-growing international event created by SICA, the Subud International Cultural Association.

6. A post announcing the Seattle visit of Moroccan poet and Beat Scholar, El Habib Louai.

5. My approach to participating in the annual postcard festival.

4. A report after attending the Vancouver screening of this wonderful film about what may be the most influential poetry conference in the history of Cascadia.

3. A post after I was informed that I was awarded the residency, which happened in November 2013.

2. A primer on prevision.

1. A call for the annual postcard fest. Subscribe to this blog for an email when the 2014 call goes out.


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